Larry King Tips: The Evergreen Rules of Communication

Apr 16, 2019

Media changes. Trust me, I’ve been around for the advent of Cable, TV, and the Internet.

Something new and groundbreaking can be right around the corner. You just don’t know.

But people don’t change. I’ve found a handful of qualities in people that are as relevant today as they were on the radio in the ‘50s.

Cal Fussman (Co-host of Breakfast with Larry) breaks communication into three components:

  • 10% Actual words
  • 30% Tone of Voice
  • 60% Expression

How you say is more important than what you say.

Your role as a communicator is to be mindful of your guest and express yourself openly to draw out their story. Everyone has one. You owe it to your audience. I learned this very important lesson "if the person was interesting, and you could draw it out--it didn’t matter if they were a firefighter or a president, a ballerina or a poet--nobody’s going to change the station". 

After you engage them with your presence. Ask a simple, inquisitive question. Go to their self-interest. What is it like to be a waiter? Do you like it? Why?

Keep asking questions and being curious about people, and you will succeed in communication, no matter how its broadcasted.

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