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And now I'm doing something brand new to leave a legacy and bring up the next wave of interviewers & influencers to follow my footsteps.

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Drum roll please... Introducing my new interactive training series:

The best way I can teach you all my secrets to creating a massive following and producing jaw-dropping interviews is to spend time with you.

For years I've spent breakfast with the people I love the most discussing ways to accomplish huge goals and now I'd like to share that time with you so you can get ahead.

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Learn Larry King's secrets to interviewing & building a following

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"But Larry, why are you doing something new now?"

I’ve had a very long, successful career with millions of followers, an incredible network of world changers, and experiences that I could have never imagined as a young kid. 

I am constantly asked, “How did you do it?”

My answer might surprise you, but I know for sure the one thing that made the biggest difference. The most important resource for getting ahead is having a mentor… Someone who has been where you want to go. Finding a mentor who really cares about helping you isn’t easy but I don’t think anything is more important for your career.

Honestly, I got lucky when I found my mentor Jackie Gleason. He helped me get my foot in the door and he is one of the biggest reasons I’ve had billions of views on Social Media, TV, Radio, Podcasting, and Broadcasting.

Now I want to pass on what I’ve learned and help the next generation. I want to be a mentor to anyone trying to get to that next level so I can do for others what Jackie did for me.

"Thanks again Larry for your advice and mentorship. I utilized your technique to just be honest. I created a very honest post on my Facebook page for my upcoming show and I had incredible responses and over 62 comments of people wanting to be part of it. Right now I am booking out weeks in advance for my new show. Thank you again Larry!"

Breakfast with Larry Member

"I asked and have received! This is an awesome opportunity. I'm believing this will help me "level-up" on my podcast! Truly grateful!"

Breakfast with Larry Member

"Larry thank you so much for the opportunity. It was too good to pass up and the ones who didn’t... well, they really missed out."

Breakfast with Larry Member

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