Larry King Tips: Gaining Guests and Listeners

Apr 02, 2019

Truth is, you don’t need to already be influential to attract influential people.

I’ve interviewed 60,000 people, including every president since Richard Nixon. But it all started with bus drivers and busboys. People are attracted to authenticity and persistence.

Steve Cohen, producer for the smash-hit James Altucher podcast and a mass media veteran who joined me on Breakfast with Larry said “I look at getting people on a podcast like getting them to a party. You invite them early, you invite them often. Tell them who else is at the party. You be a good host. You know what other parties they go to.”

Don’t be afraid to get creative. People do things for lots of different reasons. You think they want your audience. But, maybe they sense a bond, or maybe they’re also Dodger fans. So, think from the guest perspective: ‘Why Would I Do This Show?’”

Think big. You’d be surprised who you can meet with enough effort and imagination.

Build momentum. If you work in a niche, use one interview to gain another. Do you have a podcast about healthcare? Doctors are more willing to talk if another doctor already did.


If you put a plant in a jar, it takes the shape of the jar.

Just get started. I quaked in my loafers the first time I was on the air.

Cal Fussman (Co-host of Breakfast with Larry) was timid when we met. Now he moderates conferences with CEOs and runs Spartan Races.

Successful people embrace change: in themselves, and in the world. You know, people don’t watch TV or listen to the radio like they used to. But, communication is fundamental. The humanity behind podcasts, social media, and texting is exactly the same as it was when I was young.

Don’t be afraid to talk. Even if your voice shakes a little, just do it. It’s never been easier. Eventually, you’ll fit right in.

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