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In my 60-year career, I’ve had the privilege of interviewing some of the most influential people on the planet including the last 8 Presidents of the United States, Nelson Mandela, Oprah, LeBron James, Michael Jackson and so many more.

I’d like to teach you how I did it so that you can influence others on a world-wide stage.

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  • Give standing-ovation speeches
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"They didn't know me when I was in South Africa... but they asked me if I knew Larry King"

-Katie Couric

"Larry asks questions that someone at home would want to ask. He never tried to show off. It was never about him. It was always about the person he was interviewing."

-Walter Cronkite

"Larry spearheaded the big change in journalism worldwide"

-Barack Obama

"Larry King is one of the greats of broadcasting"

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"Larry is a special guy, and nobody ever did it better"

-Bill Clinton

"Larry King changed journalism forever"

-Frank Sinatra

"Larry is just the best"

-Ted Turner

"Larry is a pioneer. A true original"

-Barbara Walters

"No one has ever done more than Larry King"


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